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Hot Tub Installation Whiz



Hot Tub Installation Whiz

Hot tubs are wonderful and more and more people are purchasing their own to enjoy whenever they like. Even though hot tubs are fairly easy to maintain once they are installed and set up, there are a few things to keep in mind. This guide to hot tub installation will help you in the beginning for when you are wondering what do you put a hot tub on outside.

Hiring Professionals

A great deal of people hire contractors to look after all facets of their hot tub installation. And, many people tackle most of the project themselves and just call in a professional to help with just a few of the pieces that need looking after, namely the electrical or gas.

Installing With Friends

If you decide to look after the hot tub installation by yourself and with friends, you will have to take a few things into consideration that are important. hot tub installation. The first thing that you have decide is what do you put a hot tub on outside that will be sturdy enough for the weight of the hot tub when it is filled with water. Do you want it sitting on a wooden deck or is it going to be resting on a concrete patio?


You will then have to decide on how the hot tub is going to be positioned. Leaving enough room between the hot tub and any fences or walls will allow you to service or clean your tub when you need to. Also, you need to have access to the pumps and electrical system, so you have to make sure that you position the hot tub so that you can have easy access to these parts.


The installation of a basic hot tub requires an electrical circuit that is properly installed as per the electrical code in your area, a gas line if you are going to use a gas heater and a concrete pad or reinforced deck for the hot tub to sit on.

Whether you go with a cement pad or a wooden deck, you have to make sure that it is level in all directions.

Cement Pad

The cement pad needs to be about 4 inches thick and poured over firm ground. If you are not sure about this, call in a concrete professional to check out the site and give you some pointers. For a small fee, or sometimes free, they will tell you exactly how to go about this.

Wooden Deck

If you are wanting to install your hot tub on an existing wooden deck it is best to have an engineer take a look at your deck and tell you how to reinforce it, if it needs to be, and how to do exactly that.

As each model and style are different, the actual hot tub installation will vary depending on what you purchase. However, the basics of what do you put a hot tub on outside is the same. Just remember to read through all of the directions a couple of times and ask a lot of questions from your dealer before you start the installation process to make sure that you know exactly what needs to be done. Then, when you are installing, re-check everything twice so as to avoid making any mistakes that will be difficult, time consuming and possibly costly to correct after everything is set up.